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safety glasses

Safety Glasses

Our office provides industrial prescription safety glasses manufactured by the best optrical company in the world.  We have plans offering special reduced costs on safety glasses to industries in the area.  Wearing safety glasses reduces injuries and saves money for the employer.

Eye First Aid

Eye injuries do occur. Knowing how to deal with them can mean the difference between minor eye damage and permanent injury, or even blindness.

If you get foreign material in the eye, don't rub. Lift the upper eyelid outward so the lid doesn't keep bumping into it. Hopefully the tears will flush the material out of the eye. If you have some bottled water gently splash some in your eye - if not gently splash some water into your eye from the sink. Repeat several times. If the material does not flush out, go to your doctor, health clinic or hospital. Do not try to remove an embedded particle as you will likely cause further damage.

If you splash a chemical in the eye, immediately flush the eye with cool water for at least 15 minutes. If possible, hold the head under a slow running faucet, or pour water into your eye slowly from a glass. Seek medical attention immediately.

Do not attempt to treat a laceration or cut to the eye. Do not flush the eye with water. Do not put any medicine in the eye. Cover the eye gently with a gauze pad and go directly to your doctor or nearby hospital.

Blows to the face resulting in a black eye can be treated with cold compresses for about 15 minutes every hour. The eye should be checked by your doctor for any internal damage.

Emergency Contact Lens Care

Foreign material trapped behind a contact lens can scratch the cornea or become embedded in it. Remove the contact lens and clean it thoroughly. Do not reapply the lens if the eye hurts or feels like their is something in the eye still. If discomfort continues, contact your doctor.

If chemicals are splashed in the eye, the lens should be removed immediately, the eye thoroughly washed with water and care at a hospital emergency room sought promptly.

If a severe blow to the eye breaks or tears a contact lens, the wearer should try to remove the lens pieces immediately. Washing the eye with saline or water will help. See your doctor.

When an eye injury is involved, do no attempt to remove a contact lens. The eye should be covered loosely and immediate professional care should be sought.

To protect your eyes, don't forget to:

  • Be aware of eye hazards around you.
  • Use the eye protective equipment at all times.
  • Know what to do in case of an accident.
  • Have regular optometric examinations to insure good vision for all your activities.

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