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Dry Eye Self-Test

Dry eye syndrome is the most common eye condition that I see. Dry eyes can lead to red, irritated, sore eyes.  If the eyes are very dry vision may even blur at times. Severely dry eyes often result in corneal ulcers and conjunctivitis.

There are several treatment modalities for dry eye. Lubricant drops & gels; Punctal occlusion; Nutritional supplements; Restasis and mild steroid drops.  Usually I start with the simplest and work my way up the list to find the best treatment for you.  The end goal is to have healthy eyes with good vision.

Check the boxes that seem to apply to you.  If you check more than one or two, you probably do have dry eyes to some degree.

Have you noticed any of these symptoms?

Dry eyes
Burning eyes
Red eyes
Gritty eyes
Frequent tearing
Irritated eyes when in an air conditioned area

Do you take any of these medications?

Sleeping pils
Oral contraceptives

Do you have any of these medical conditions?

Thyroid disease
Sjorgrens syndrome
Any other auto-immune disease

Do you:

Spend a lot of time in air conditioned areas?
Spend a lot of time working with a computor?
Spend a lot of time in windy or dusty areas?
Not get enough sleep?
Have sleep apnea?

If you have checked two or more of these boxes you probably have dry eyes.  Schedule an appointment with Dr. Steensma to discuss this issue.  He is one of the area's leading advocates for testing patients for dry eyes.

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