Most people should probably have an eye exam every year or maybe every 2 years after childhood and before middle age.  Vision problems sneak up on us gradually sometimes so an annual eye check-up is  a good idea.  Also, in our middle ages and older years sometimes eye disease sneaks up on us so see an eyedoctor annually.

Eye examinations should not be stressful. Relax, - just answer the questions the best you can and don’t worry.  The doctor will sort through the data to find the very best solution.  Our examination instruments may be different than some you have seen before. Patients often comment on the sophisticated instruments we use.

You can see all of the instruments we use in an examination here:

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Autorefractor for eyedoctor in examination
The Autorefractor scans the  inside of your eye and determines a preliminary prescription.  All you have to do is look straight ahead.

Refraction for eyedoctor in examination
The Refraction is that part of the eye examination where the   doctor refines the prescription for glasses by asking "Which is better, this one or this one".  Don't stress out. Just say what you think and the doctor will sort it all out.

Digital lennsometer to measure glasses
The Digital Auto-Lensometer measures the power of your glasses.  It is much more accurate than the traditional measuring equipment.

Field testor for eyedoctor in examination
The FDT Field Analyzer measures your side, or peripheral vision.  Many eye diseases, such as glaucoma, are often first detected by subtle changes in side vision.

Tonometer for eyedoctor in examination
The Non-Contact Tonometer (glaucoma test) measures your eye pressure with a gentle puff.

The OCT is new technology that allows the doctor to see below the retinal surface and actually see early eye disease that is not yet apparent with standard eye examination techniques.  It is very exciting.  Our office is the only office in Ventura county that offers an OCT screening as part of every eye examination.

Biomicroscopy in eye examination
The Biomicroscope allows the eyedoctor to examine the outside of your eyes under high magnification.

Indirect ophthalmoscopy in  eye examination

The Indirect Ophthalmascope provides a large overall view of the inside of the eye to the eyedoctor.

Volk Lens with Biomicroscope in  eye examination
The Biomicroscope with a Volk lens provides a detailed view of the inside of the eye to the eyedoctor.

Retinal photographs in eye examination
The Retinal Camera is a state of the art instrument.  Because it is digital, it allows us to take extremely detailed images of the back of your eye.  It allows earlier detection of many eye diseases.  Also, the ability to compare a current image to a previous image should allow for earlier detection of eye disease.   These days, most eye diseases can be treated if detected early enough.  In the first two months that we used this instrument, Dr. Steensma identified 8 patients with early eye disease that was not detected with traditional examination instruments.

Inside the eye is the only place in the body where you can actually see arteries and veins.  Any disease process that affects those vessels can be first detected inside the eye.  Looking into someone's eyes is truly a way to look into their general health.

The camera allows the eyedoctor to  document the appearance of those vessels now and even more importantly, compare a future photo with a previous photo.  Because we can magnify a digital image much larger than the actual image,  Dr. Steensma often finds early eye disease changes before they are obvious with traditional eye examination techniques.

Retinal photograph for eyedoctor in examination

Some eyedoctors  offer retinal photography to their patients for an additional charge.  Dr. Steensma takes retinal pictures of every patient we exam.  It's that important!

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