When the lens in our becomes cloudy to the point that vision is significantly blurred it is called a cataract. Cataract surgery is the removal of the natural lens of the eye which is then replaced with a synthetic Inter-Ocular Lens (IOL). Common signs of cataracts are haloes around lights at night and difficulty seeing in dim lighting.

Dr. Steensma works very closely with the best cataract surgeons in the county. He will provide much of the pre-surgical and post-surgical care. Optometric participation is beneficial for the patient, the optometrist and the surgeon. For the patient, continuity of care is maintained and eye care becomes more convenient and accessible. Co-management affords Dr. Steensma the opportunity to maintain his role as primary eye care provider during and after the procedure. He will do the pre-op exam and help you to decide what type of IOL is best for you and then provide follow-up care after the surgery. The surgeon is allowed to work at his highest skill level doing surgery, not doing follow up visits.

Insurance: Medicare and private insurance will generally offer coverage only for standard monofocal lens implants. This means that patients have a choice of either improving close-up or distance vision, resulting in a continued dependence on glasses or contact lenses for their vision needs. Life-style IOL's reduce a persons dependence on glasses or contact lenses most of the time. Life-style IOL's include "Toric" IOL's for astigmatism and several types of multifocal lenses. Medicare and most other insurances do not cover the additional cost of these lenses, so the patient must pay the additional cost.

Preferred Cataract Surgeons:


  • Paul Dougherty, M.D.
  • John Davidson. M.D.
  • Greg Spencer, M.D.
  • Yoganer Garg, M.D.
  • Rajesh Khanna, M.D.

Commitment: If your vision is not as good as expected with a Premium IOL (Toric, Presbyopic or Accomodating) Dr. Davidson, Dr Dougherty or Dr. Khanna,will do LASIK at no charge to make your vision the best possible.

A personal note:
Dr. Steensma had cataract surgery on both eyes in 2015.  He selected Dr. Paul Dougherty do his surgery.  He recieved excellent care and now has has excellent vision. 

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