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Visual field tests are used to detect areas or reduced sensitivity, which could be a sign of disease in the eye, the nerves going to the brain or that part of the brain involved in vision.   The most common cause of a visual field defect is glaucoma, which is a disease that damages the nerves going to the brain.  Brain tumors and strokes also can cause visual field defects.

Our office recently purchased a Haage-Streit Octopus Perimeter.  This is the the newest and best visual field testor available.  It detects disease earlier than previous testors and is much easier for patients.  Unlike other test methods that challenge patients with difficult questions,  this instrument is much easier for patients.


A growing body of evidence links the dietary intake of omega fatty acids with benefits for patients with dry eye conditions.  Essential fatty acids provides the building blocks for the prostaglandins that modulate tissue inflammation. Because of the benefits to vascular, cardiac, chlosterol, skin and dry eyes, most clinicians suggest 2g to 3g per day of high-quality OTC fish oil capsules or flaxseed. 

Doxycycline and other tetracyclines appear to inhibit bacterial lipase production. This reduces free fatty acids, which helps to reduce inflammation and the symptoms of dry eyes. Tetracyclines also help inhibit keratinization of the meibomian glands, and also reduce the number of eyelid bacteria.  The current modality is to prescribe doxycycline dosage 100mg twice a day for one month and reduce the dosage to 20mg to 50mg twice a day. for a two-month course. Patients may be kept on a maintenance dose as long as necessary.

Lid scrubs help to remove oil, bacteria and debris, as well as to stimulate the eyelid oil glands. Baby shampoo has historically been recommended to patients with seborrheic forms of lid disease. But even though the bottle says "No Tears", it often irritates the eyes. OcuSoft (OcuSoft) and SteriLid (Advanced Vision Research) are bactericidal OTC products available in pharmacies. These products may be less irritating to the conjunctiva than shampoo or soap. 

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