Thirteen-year-old was getting headaches. Dr. Steensma was thorough and fun. 
Seventeen-year-old was having problems with distance. Dr. Ross was very nice and professional. June 19, 2015

Member Comments:Thirteen-year-old:   Dr. Steensma did a  thorough exam with no problems found.  He put a nervous young teen at ease, even making him laugh.

Seventeen-year-old:  Dr. Steensma's associate, Dr. Ross, diagnosed problem and ordered lenses. He explained each step of the exam and showed us the pictures of the interior of the eye. Enjoyable visit with perfect results  Vision is better than ever.

Dr. Don Steensma is my eye doctor and I get my glasses from him. February 24, 2014
Member Comments: He is very nice. He knows what he is doing and he has a fairly decent selection of glasses. He also has a one clinic prescription so that you don't have to get it from somewhere else.

Transcribed from a telephone interview

Dr. Don Steensma is my ophthalmologist.  I last visited him about 6 months ago. September 10, 2011

Member Comments: He has been my eye doctor for close to 25 years.  He’s very thorough.  He’s up to date with the modern technologies as far as examining one’s eyes.  He’s a very pleasant person to do business with.  I would definitely see him again in the future.

Transcribed from a telephone interview

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