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National Eye Institute:

The N.E.I. has an extensive site with good information about eye problems and research being done to cure those problems.

American Diabetes Association:

The A.D.A. has lots of information on how to manage diabetes.  Too many diabetics just give-up and don't take the effort to learn how to control their diabetes.  All the information is out there.  You just have to learn the facts and adjust your life style accordingly.

American Macular Degeneration Foundation: 

Age Related Macular degeneration (ARMD) blinds more Americans than cataracts and glaucoma combined.  With the population aging, we expect to see many more patients lose their sight to this terrible disease.  If you or someone in your family has this disease, please take the time to educate yourself about it.  Thirty years ago nothing could be done.  Now something can be done.

Glaucoma Research Foundation:  

The G.R.F has plenty of information about what glaucoma is, how it is treated, and new research regarding glaucoma.


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