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This 60 year old patient presented reporting a sudden painless loss of vision in his right eye.  He further stated that vision was very poor in the right eye since a childhood accident.  He has hypertension that is well controlled with medication.

Uncorrected visual acuity was 20/50 in both eyes.  Computerized visual field testing revealed a superior altitudinal visual defect O.S.(All vision above straight ahead gaze was gone in the left eye).  There were less dramatic visual field losses in the right eye.

There is optic atrophy O.D. Note how white the optic nerve is.  A normal optic nerve has a pinkish hue.  In this case the nerves and their supporting blood vessels are gone.

The loss of vision in his left eye was his main concern.   Note how the optic nerve margins in this eye are blurred and indistiinct.  This is optic neuritis.  The nerve is swollen and has hemorrhages.  Optic neuritis can be caused by auto-immune diseases, MS, bacterial and viral infections.

He has seen several specialists but no one has found a definitive diagnosis.  When the inflammation resolves there will probably be optic atrophy in both eyes.  I suspect that the damage and subsequent optic atrophy in the right eye had the same etiology, not an accident as he believes.

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