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Take advantage of these limited time offers today!

$35 off your first eye examination here!

If you are new to our office, we will give you a $35.00 discount towards your examination fees.  We are confident that once you use our services, you will return in the future.    Sorry, but insurance covered examinations are not included.

Call us at 805-486-3585 to schedule an appointment and mention Web-Special Code #DS1009.

$35 of first exam coupon


Get 50% on a 2nd, 3rd or 4th pair of glasses!

 If you buy a second or third pair of glasses at the same time, the second and third pair are 50% off.  Most advertised BOGO (Buy One Get One) offerings should be called BOGCO (Buy One Get a Cheap One) because they involve inferior materials.  We don't do that.  Our offer extends to all of our frames.  You can get a Kate Spade, Calvin Klein or Coach frame with lenses at half price.

50% off coupon

The only requirement is that you order two or more complete pair of glasses 

(frame and lenses with scratch protection) at the same time.



We have significantly lowered our prices on Acuvue contact lenses so that we are now less expensive than the leading Big-box stores and on-line suppliers.

Dr. Steensma's office charges less than Walmart on annual orders of most Acuvue contact lenses and charges about the same as Walmart on single box's. 1-800 Contacts usually charges more.  CostCo prices are usually about the same as Walmart.

 Orrder contacts by Clicking Here,


If you are new to our office, stop in some time to meet us and we will give you a free eyeglass cleaning kit ($5.00 value).


eyeglass cleang kit gift


Travel Tips & Free Travel Kit:

Be sure to pack a spare pair of glasses in case you lose or break yours.  It's often difficult to find an eye doctor quickly when away from home.  Not being able to see well is no fun on vacation or on business.

  • Put your name and address on your glasses case so it might be returned to you.
  • If you wear contact lenses, take extra lenses with you, just in case.
  • If flying, take ocular lubricant drops on the plane with you.  Aircraft air is very dry.
  • If traveling to a dry, windy or dusty location, take ocular lubricant drops with you.

Stop by our office before your trip and we will give you a "Dr. Steensma Travel Kit" which includes:

  • An ID card to put in your glasses case that guarantees that we will pay the return postage of your lost glasses back to our office so we can return them to you.
  • Ocular lubricant drops for on the airplane.
  • A spare pair of contacts (if you are a contact lens patient) for an emergency back-up.
  • Some 1-Day contact lenses (if you are a contact lens patient and if appropriate for your prescription) for swimming.

Have Fun!

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