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Your glasses prescription is a very precise set of numbers which describe how the lenses should be made specifically for your eyes.

Rx Sphere Cylinder Axis Add Prism
O.D. -3.32 -1.25 78 +2.50
O.S. -2.75 -0.75 95 +2.50

The first line is the heading.

The next line refers to the right eye.  The standard abbreviation is O.D. (Oculi Dextra)

The third line refers to the left eye.  The standard abbreviation is O.S. (Oculi Sinistra - Which litteraly means the "Evil Eye")

The 1st column on the left indicates which eye (O.D. or O.S.)

The 2nd column is the spherical power of the lens.  It may have a + sign or a - sign or indicate Pl (Plano or flat) meaning no sign

The 3rd column is the cylindrical power of the lens.  It may have a + sign or a - sign.  The cylindrical power is how much the lens power varies from the spherical power.

The 4th, column is the axis of the lens and often is abbreviated as X.  It may have a + sign or a - sign.  The axis is where the cylindrical power is placed.

The 5th column is the 'Add"or additional power required at near for reading.

The 6th column specifies any prism required for better eye control.  In most cases this will be blank.

Additional information may specify the distance between the eyes ("Pd"), any special lens material required, any special instructions and an expiration date for the prescription.  Most prescriptions for glasses are considered valid for 24 months in most cases but not always.

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