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Systemic medications

Medication Used for Ocular side effects
Claritin Allergies Dry eyes
Zrytec Allergies Dry eyes
Digoxin Congestive heart failure Light sensitivity, corneal edema
Fosamax Osteoporosis, Bone cancer Episcleritis, Scleritis
Cidofovir CMV Uveitis
Amaridone Heart arrhymia Green haloes, Keratopathy, Optic neuropathy
Plaquinil Auto-immune diseases (arthritis, Lupus, etc.) Keratopathy
Tamoxifin Breast cancer Maculopathy, Retinal crystals
Statins Elevated cholesterol Cataracts, Glaucoma
Topomax Epilepsy, Migraines Glaucoma, Acute myopia
Viagra Erectile dysfunction Blue tinged vision, Optic Neuropathy
Mellarill Psychosis Retinal pigment changes
Xanax Anxiety Diplopia
Ethambutol Tuberculosis Optic neuropathy
Estrogen Hormone replacement therapy Dry eyes
Clonidine Hypertension Retinal damage
NSAID's Antii-inflammatory Retinal damage, Glaucoma
Coumidin Blood thinner Ocular hemorrhage
Sulfa Antibiotic Cataracts
Prozac Antidepressants Blurred vision, Dry eyes, Double vision
Birth control pills Bith control Dry eyes, Migrains, Colr vision distrubances
Prednisone Anti-inflammatory Cataracts, Glaucome
Fenfluramine Weight loss Glaucoma
Thorazine Psychosis Retinal pigment changes
ISN Tuberculosis Optic neuropathy
Valium Antidepressant Blurred vision, Dry eyes, Double vision

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