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Systemic disease

Heart disease

This is the cause of one out of 6 Americans death.  Every 25 seconds an American will have heart event. Artherosclerosis (Elevated LDL fat and chloesterol build-up within the arteries) is the greatest risk factor.  Other risk factors are hypertension, diabetes, cigarette smoking, oral contraceptives and physical inactivity.  Ocular Ischemic Syndrome (OIS) is the most frequent ocular manifestation of heart disease.  Stenosis or narrowing of the carotid arteries leads to less flow blood to the eyes leading to loss of vision.


This is the leading cause of blindness of Americans. Approximately 1.2% of Americans have Type I Diabetes.  These patients need insulin or they die.  Approximately 5.8% of Americans have Type II Diabetes.  In Type II the bodies natural insulin does not seem to work well and often is associated with obesity.  If the glucose is not well regulated blood and fluid leak inside the eye leading to scar tissue and possible blindness,

Breast cancer

This is the leading cause of cancer of women worldwide.  Last year (2010) 39,840 American women died of breast cancer. In metastatic breast cancer, cancer cells travel through the blood and lymph systems and can reach tissue far from the breast.  The eye is a highly vascularized organ and may lead to a cancer of the choroid, conjunctiva, tear gland or optic nerve.


This can effect any organ in the body, but is most often found in the lungs and lymph systems.  It frequently results in scarring of the lungs and 5% of patients with it die from it.  It is most often seen between 20 and 29 years of age.  It is three times more common in blacks than whites.  Its most common ocular manifestation is inflammation and subsequent scarring in the choroid and retina layers of the eye.

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