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Cataract surgery has been performed for centuries.

A cataract is a lens that is cloudy and does not allow clear vision. When you remove the lens during cataract surgery, you make the eye very farsighted and vision is very poor without very strong glasses or contact lenses.

Nowadays when the lens is removed an intra-ocular lens (IOL) is implanted in the eye where the lens was.  In the past the lens power selected was most often the best power to give the best distance vision.  The person would need to wear reading glasses at near.  If they had a significant amount of astigmatism they would need to wear glasses at distance also.

Now there are better options.  There are several types of IOL that can provide vision at both far and near.

Crystalens (B&L).

This lens design allows the IOL to move forward and back changing how the eye focuses.  It usually gives usable vision at distance and intermediate distances.  The patient probably will need reading glasses for near tasks.  If the patient has much astigmatism vision probably will not be adequate.

ReZoom Multifocal IOL (AMO).

 This is a multi-zone refractive IOL (focuses light with lens power) which means the center of the IOL is set for distance and it has an area around the distance set for near.  The patient can choose which image to see depending on if they are looking at far or near.  If the patient has very small pupils they will not get the benefit of the near segment.

Technis Multifocal IOL (AMO).

 This is a multi-zone diffractive IOL (focuses light by bending the light waves).  The central zone is set for distance and the peripheral zone focuses at near but maybe a little too close for most people.  It also corrects for spherical aberration to improve vision.

AcrySof IQ Restore IOL (Alcon).

 This IOL utilizes both refraction and diffraction optical strategies and also corrects for spherical aberration. The design seems better for night time driving than the other designs.  The near segment provides good vision at near point for most people.

There are also several new IOL designs that will offer improvement in the near future.  Besides refractive and diffractive designs there are designs based on micro-fluid designs using liquids.

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