Our Team

Everyone on our team is cross trained in the different areas of office responsibility. They can assist you both in English and Spanish. They all have their primary area of resonsibility, but can all step in to cover any need that comes up.  They all are empowered to make decisions as needed.



Pearl is our Office Manager. If you have a question about any area of expertise in the office she is the one to talk to.  

You can contact her at:

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Dr. Michael Ross has practiced optometry for 32 years.  He is glaucoma certified and treats most eye diseases.  He sees patients only on Wednesdays.


Anai  is our newest Optometric Technician. She is fluent in both English and Spanish. You will usually find her at the front desk, but she also does pre-tsting and optical seevices.





Ida is also a trained Optometric Technician. She does most of the insurance billing and does some of the pre-testing.



Liliy is  also a trained Optometric Technician. She often does pre-testing of patients before their exam, but also helps in optical services.

optometry billing


Lynne is in charge of accounts payable. She pays the bills.  Lynne is Dr. Steensma's wife of 45 years.

      - Mickey is her assistant.

If you get an incorrect billing it's usually Mickey's fault so bring the error to the attention of anyone in the office and it will be fixed.



Dr. Don Steensma.  This is my practice, and I hope that you will allow us to provide your eyecare.

To contact any of our team CLICK HERE

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