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Dr. Steensma offers consulting services to other eye doctors.

When I first started practicing 40 years ago optometric advertising was unethical and illegal.  You would open your office and wait for new patients to find you.  Then there was a period when we all spent small fortunes on yellow page ads and a few more patients would come. We tried Direct-mail and wasted a lot of postage.  Now it's the 21st century and things have really changed.  Most people would rather do a Google search than thumb through a boring yellow page book.  On line you can find the doctors web site, see what he offers and see the benefits to you to go see him. You can easily find reviews of the doctors office written by other patients.  Reviews are huge.  What a satisfied patient has to say about you is 10,000 times more important than what you say about yourself.

Web design:

A strong web presence is critical in growing an optometric practice. My web site brings in new patients to my practice almost every day.   I can help you create a dynamic web site with cool features to attract new patients.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Most optometrists think that all they need for a strong web presence is an attractive website.   Most optometrists do have a website these days, but by itself it will bring in very few new patients. It's like a pretty postcard about you and usually not about the benefits you can give new patients.  SEO is the science of attracting attention to your website.  There are hundreds of things you can do to enhance your website so it does attract attention and more importantly new patients.  And almost all these techniques are free.

I built my first website in 1992.  It was pretty cool.  If you searched for "eye disease", I would pop up on the first page.  I received emails from all over the world asking questions about eye disease and I answered most of them.  But, I never met any of those people and never made a dime for my trouble.

The secret to a patient-finding website is "Local SEO".  I really don't care if I am on the first page of a web search done in New York, Portland or China.  They will never be my patients.  I care an awful lot if someone finds me on page one when searching for "Port Hueneme optometrist", "Oxnard eye doctor" or "Ventura eyecare".  If I'm looking for a pizza in Oxnard I don't want to see listings in New York, just in Oxnard.

I have the number one spot in Google Local search for over a hundred optometric key words and I am in the first 3 listings for a hundred other Google Local key words.  You can find me all over the net.


I can help you create promotions that really work and I don't mean "2 pair of glasses for $29". Those promotions cheapen your value to the patient and are counter productive.  I can show you promotions that enhance your value to the patient as a valued physician.


Videos, patient review videos and web review campaigns are a few of the techniques to find new patients.  I figured it out and can help you.


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