Oxnard - Port Hueneme Optometrist  Dr. Don Steensma 465 W. Channel Islands Blvd, Port Hueneme, CA 805/486-3585

Description: Thorough eye examinations and medical care of the eyes. Eye glasses & contact lenses. Serving the Oxnard - Port Hueneme area and all of Ventura County for 39 years. A doctor that you can trust.

Business Hours: 8:30 am - 5:30 pm  Monday - Friday

Contact: Phone:805/486-3585  FAX:805/4863586  e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Payment: Cash, Check, Traveler's Check, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, Care-Credit Financing

Is parking available?: Free parking is close to the office front door.

Is there handicap parking & access?: There is a handicap ramp near the front door. Also, the examination room has a special wheelchair adapter allowing a more thorough examination.

Do you provide medical treatment of the eyes?: Yes, we treat most eye conditions.

Do you do thorough eye examinations?: We offer computer vision testing to help provide your best vision and digital photography of the inside of your eyes to help detect early health problems sooner.

Do you treat dry eyes?: We treat more dry eye cases than most other doctors in the area. Most eye doctors are not aware of how common dry eye problems really are.

Do you treat eye allergies?: Yes, we treat ocular allergies. Allergies are very common in our community all year around.

Do you treat eye infections?: Yes, we treat most types of eye infections.

Do you fit most types of contact lenses?: We fit most types of contact lenses including 1-day lenses, toric lenses for astigmatism and bifocal lenses.

What type of contact lenses do you prefer?: We like the complete Acuvue line, including : 1•Day Acuvue® Moist®, 1•Day Acuvue® TruEye® , Acuvue® Oasys®, Acuvue for Astigmatism®, and the Acuvue Bifocal®.

Why is there a contact lens evaluation fee? Contact lens patients require additional testing and monitoring over and above what is done during a routine eye exam. Contact lenses are medical devices and even though they may feel fine, there are health risks that must be taken seriously. In order to renew your contact lens prescription, the doctor performs the following tests on a yearly basis. These procedures are not part of a standard eye exam.

  • Slit lamp microscope examination of the contact lens on the eye to check the lens fit.
  • Slit lamp microscope examination of the cornea, conjunctiva and eyelid tissues, to check the eye health and to look for adverse effects from contact lens wear.
  • Contact lens refraction to determine the correct contact lens prescription power (contact lens prescriptions are different than eyeglass prescriptions).
  • Review new lens designs and materials that may improve comfort and/or health.

Why is there a contact lens fitting or re-fiting fee? There takes a degree of skill and some extra time in determining a proper contact lens fit.  The doctor will evaluate the CL power and fit.  Normally trial contacts are dispensed, and then re-evaluated on follow-up visits.  The fitting fee includes the follow-up visits and any trial lenses required.  If you are new to wearing contact lenses there will also be a contact lens training visit.

Do you carry good quality eye glass frames?: Our optical department carries several lines of quality frames.

What eye glass frames designer lines do you carry?: Some our favorite lines are Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, kate spade, Nine West, Cover Girl, Kenneth Cole, Gant, Timberland, Fossil, Flexon, X Games, Tommy Bahama, Sigrid Olsen, Revlon, Line Art, Roberto Cavalli, Swarovski, Charmant, Tura, Lacoste, Candies, and Harley Davidson.

Do you warranty your frames and lenses? Our frames all have a 1 - 5 year warranty. Anti-scratch coated lenses have a 2 year warranty. If they scratch during that time they will be replaced at no charge.

Can I get a refund on my spectacle lenses after they are ordered? No, spectacle lenses are custom order items. If there is a problem with the prescription the doctor will correct the problem. If you are unable to adapt to special types of lenses, such as progressives, other lens designs can be utilized instead, usually at no extra cost.

Do you provide refractive surgery co-management?: We co-manage refractive surgery with the best surgeons in Ventura County.

Do you provide cataract surgery co-management.?: We co-manage cataract surgery with the best cataract surgeons in Ventura County.

Do you accept VSP Insurance?: We have accepted VSP for 35 years.

Do you accept Medicare?: A large number of our patients have Medicare.

Do you offer financing?: Yes. Care-Credit provides Interest free credit for one year to finance eye care. This is very helpful to many patients.

Where do most of your patients live?: Most of our patients live in the Oxnard - Port Hueneme area but many come from Ventura, Oak View and Camarillo and all over Ventura County.


  • 2014 Chosen by the Ventura Star newspaper as the "Winner Favorite Optometrist".
  • 2013 Chosen by the Ventura Star newspaper as the "Winner Favorite Optometrist".
  • 2012 Chosen by the Ventura Star newspaper as the "Winner Favorite Optometrist".
  • 2012 Chosen by the Ventura Star newspaper as a "Best place" to get glasses". 
  • 2011 Chosen by the Ventura Star newspaper as a "Best place" to get glasses".
  • 2011 Port Hueneme Business of the year. Citations by The State Senate, The State Assembly, The Ventura County Supervisors.

Are we all nice people?: Yes we really are!

Does Dr. Steensma want to be your eye doctor?: I sure do! And, I promise that I will take good care of you.

Can I contact the doctor directly?: If you have a question please e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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